Eden Candelaria

About Me

Hi, my name is Eden Candelaria. I am currently enrolled at Skyline High School and the Granite Technical Institute (GTI). I am also a part of the Academy of Finance at the GTI. There I have learned more about business and have developed a greater love for it as well. chose to be a part of the CEO program and when completed, I will own a small business. I hope to gain deeper insights into the business field and am excited to create my own business. I appreciate the opportunity to be mentored by exceptional, successful, and experienced business leaders.
I hope to have a successful career in business or accounting. I was the freshman class secretary and have been a president of my church youth group twice. I write and speak French fluently and successfully completed the French Dual Immersion program which l entered in first grade and completed in 10th grade. Doing well in school is very important to me as well as pushing myself beyond my limits. I value honesty, determination, and hard work. I love spending time with my family as well as speaking French every opportunity which arises. I enjoy going on walks, hikes, and have completed a walking marathon in France.

About My Business

Felicity Stones are rocks designed to help ease stress, anxiety, and fear. There are many designs with different textures.  The rocks are small in size to make it discrete when fidgeting; as well as allows you to easily keep it in your pocket to always have with you.






DISC Characteristics

  • You are considered pretty modest in your approach with others and are open to deferring to stronger opinions when they exist.
  • You tend to be generous with your time in helping others.
  • You're always willing to help out in a pressure situation, even if you don't really want to.
  • You are known as an accurate fact-finder by others.