Daniela Olvera

About Me

Hello, my name is Daniela Olvera and I am a senior at Taylorsville High school. I have always been inspired by the business people who surrounded me throughout high school like my parents.I strive to take the most out of every experience I encounter especially when it comes to gaining real world business experience. I decided to take on business when I was a freshman and since then I have learned many things that regular classes don’t offer. By being a part of clubs, like FBLA and DECA, or sports teams, like swim and soccer, helps by not only expanding knowledge but by learning how to build successful relationships with peers and working as a team, which is important in business. I take great joy in leading and organizing events for the boys and girls and boys soccer team. If soccer doesn’t consume my time, I love being with the FBLA leadership team and working as an advisor for our current president. I also enjoy being a part of the swim team which is where I strive the most.

If I’m not at school, I enjoy volunteering at the Utah Food Bank and Intermountain Healthcare hospital where I have a 6 month program.  I sometimes volunteer with my high school Key Club when I have time. I love partaking in the community and Women Who Succeed is a great way to get girls in Utah involved like no other program. That is where I have a personal mentor who helps throughout my high school life. 

Other than that I enjoy playing guitar and spending time with family at the lake.

The reason I took this course was because I have always had the drive to create something unlike any other. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and investors which have guided me through the right path. I am thankful for this program and Mrs. Paulsen for letting me be a part of something greater.

About My Business

The idea of CORD is to create comfortable, customizable, and convertible multiuse straps for various essentials, such as guitars, purses, and keys. The goal is to elevate these essentials by offering matching sets, emphasizing the concept of, as we like to say, "linking your essentials." The straps are designed to provide both functionality and style, while redefining accessories, ensuring comfort and personalization.






DISC Characteristics

  • You prefer a culture that allows ample time for analysis of new ideas before implementation takes place
  • • Some may incorrectly perceive you as self-conscious because of your quietness around new people or in new environments
  • You are an excellent team player.
  • You tend to approach new ideas and directions with skepticism and caution.