Walker Christopherson

About Me

Hi, I'm Walker Christopherson. I'm currently enrolled at Taylorsville High School, GTI, Weber State, Utah University, and Salt Lake Community College. I'm excited to be part of the CEO program and to learn how to put my skills into practice and apply them to succeed in the future.


As the Taylorsville Deca vice president, I have already developed my leadership and business skills. I am passionate about business and want to make a positive impact in the field. My academic accomplishments include winning the BYU Business Language competition twice and placing second in accounting at the Utah Deca competition. I am proud of my 4.0 GPA and the hard work I have put into my studies.


In addition to my academic achievements, I enjoy participating in extracurricular activities like basketball, Taylorsville youth council, and playing the piano. Recently, I received the "Best in Show" award at a solo festival, which was a great honor and accomplishment for me.

About My Business

Taste of Culture gives you a hint or ‘taste’ of different cultures from around the world. When the world shrinks and views have narrowed. Taste of Culture opens up the eyes of others and shows them a hint of different cultures. Taste of Culture is perfect for a traveler wanting to learn about their next destination. Taste of Culture informs you on some of the customs, traditions, holidays, and gives you a recipe of a common food from that culture.






DISC Characteristics

  • You are comfortable pushing the envelope when it comes to what authority you do possess if it gets results.
  • Sometimes you can express your opinion too much.
  • You appreciate the need of others to have more freedom and less structure.
  • Your preference is to adhere to the defined and proven way of doing things.