Stuart Jensen

About Me

Hello! My name's Stuart, and I'm a senior at Skyline High. I'm excited to be a part of the '23-24 CEO program! I chose this as an opportunity to broaden my knowledge of everything business: communications, finance, advertising, marketing, sales, networking, and critical problem-solving skills. I've already taken a handful of business classes thus far- which I have absolutely loved- and I'm a part of an Academy of Finance, a 21-college credit 2-year program. I'm optimistic that this class will allow me to achieve my goals of being an entrepreneur, investor, and overall successful person. I believe this class will prepare me for the world past high school in a manner unlike any other. I hope to increase awareness of this program as it will undoubtedly provide a path to fullfillment for those who choose to take it.

About My Business

Modern Cornucopia is a yard maintenance company that operates on the basis of being affordable, friendly, and efficient! Our goal is to ensure that your lawn and garden are kept in the best condition. But more than that, we strive to make our customers our friends! We provide year round essential maintenance services such as lawn mowing, fertilizing, and aerating, weed removal, yard waste disposal, leaf and snow cleanup. We are also working to provide services such as “Flip your Strip” xeriscaping and sprinkler repair. All this to keep your garden -and wallet!- healthy.






DISC Characteristics

  • You only want to make important decisions with a great deal of detail and awareness of outcomes and impact.
  • You prefer working in a social environment rather than one that is remote or isolated.
  • You desire a high level of structure and order.
  • You think it is important to adhere to specific and detailed instructions or procedures.