Matthew Tarr

About Me

Hi, my name is Matthew Tarr. I am a student at Kearns High School and I am a part of the Granite CEO program for the 2023-2024 school year. I'm taking CEO because I want to develop skills that will be useful in business, as well as gain knowledge that will help me be successful in life. I plan to create a business that offers a solution to a problem or improves the quality of life for those whom it benefits. I have been a top student throughout school in both academics and extra-curriculars, and have had many opportunities to serve in leadership positions. I am very passionate about my religion and the idea of seeking to develop qualities that help me to become the absolute best possible. I find fulfillment in serving those around me and in continually working hard to persevere. I enjoy absolutely any form of physical activity, but especially running because it teaches me diligence, endurance, and self-control. I love exploring the outdoors and enjoying the beauty of the earth. I find interest in creating new associations and strengthening relationships in productive and meaningful ways and am very excited to do so in a business environment.






DISC Characteristics

  • You can depend heavily on others to help make decisions.
  • You make an effective coach or counselor for others on the team
  • You desire a high level of structure and order.
  • Your approach to brand new ideas and change is one of caution and careful consideration.