Jacqueline Gonzalez

About Me

Hello, I am Jacqueline Gonzalez. I am a student at Granger High School. I applied to the Granite CEO program because I want to learn more about business fundamentals and how they relate to real life situations, and also begin my journey on running my own business. By implementing what I learn I plan to achieve success in my awaiting future. My passion is learning new things. I value learning from others because there is always something new to learn from someone else. I want to be able to expand my knowledge and take risks. I am excited for what this year will hold for me. 

About My Business

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DISC Characteristics

  • You may sometimes hesitate to share opinions on divisive topics with the team.
  • You like a flexible environment that allows for creativity.
  • You tend to resist confronting or rebelling against the established norm.
  • You can be skeptical of brand new ideas or fads until they are sufficiently proven.