Ashli Ahlquist

About Me

Hey, my name is Ashli Ahlquist. I am currently a senior at Cyprus High School with a standing GPA of a 4.0. I wanted to take part in the CEO program not only because of it's an amazing opportunity to get started with my business, but to learn about life outside of school and to grow bonds with my classmates and mentors. I am a competitive dancer and have been since I was 3, this taught me hard work, patience, dedication, and how to work through having a busy schedule. I love to cook and do things outdoors like: hiking, running, bike riding, etc. I'm really excited to meet all of the talented people along the way and am ready to see what this year has in store for me.

About My Business

The Crepe Spot

A crepe that hits the spot every time you take a bite! These crepes are made easy to eat on the go. The cone shaped holders make it an easy, handheld treat for people to enjoy. Not only are my crepes deliciously satisfying, but they’re healthier too. My fantastically flavored crepes have less sugar, healthier ingredients, and include 100% real fruit. Claim your SPOT by following @thecrepespot!






DISC Characteristics

  • You like to take a more mild-mannered and measured hand in dealing with others.
  • You can be extremely persuasive.
  • You are an excellent team player.
  • Your preference is to adhere to the defined and proven way of doing things.