Nadia Ferguson

About Me

My name is Nadia Ferguson and I attend Skyline High School. I am taking the CEO program so that I can gain experience in the business world and learn how to be an independent young adult. By the end of the year, I hope I will have improved my skills in leadership, public speaking, and responsibility. At Skyline, I have participated in numerous AP and IB classes. I have earned the American Sign Language Junior Merit Award and a spot in the National Honors Society. I enjoy mathematics and learning about other cultures, which I have done throughout the year in my IB Calculus, IB Physics, ASL 3 Honors, and Chinese 4 classes. I hope by taking the CEO class, I will be able to use my passions and knowledge in the real world to help myself and others. 

About My Business

Introducing Nadia's Necessities, the ultimate online boutique dedicated to making your showers better. I offer body wrap towels, hair towels, and shower steamers, with more to come. My body wrap towel is made to snugly fit around the body, giving you complete coverage while letting you move around freely as you dry off. It comes with a complementary hair towel to guarantee complete body absorption. The towels' silky microfiber construction draws moisture away, leaving your skin and hair feeling smooth. All body shapes will be perfectly fit by the towel's adjustable strap, and its small size makes it convenient to store and transport. These products are readily available on my Amazon storefront, making the ordering procedure simple and the shopping experience quick. Follow me on social media for more information. Shop Nadia’s Necessities and experience the ultimate shower routine.






DISC Characteristics

  • Demanding
  • Sociable
  • Spontaneous
  • Perfectionist