Hannah Meikel

About Me

My name is Hannah Meikel, I am a senior at Skyline High school. Discovering this class changed my entire perspective on how my future would look. I'm excited for the opportunities available to me, and what I am going to learn along the way. I decided to take this class to learn how to think in an entrepreneur mindset, and learn how to apply it in everyday situations. I'm hoping to one day continue studying business and finance at the University of Utah. Some of my interests include dancing, longboarding, and biking, but an emphasis on dancing. I love to work hard and apply myself to get out of my comfort zone. I'm hoping this program will help me develop new skills, and apply my practiced ones. 

About My Business

Simple Reminder

We are an apparel brand with an emphasis on promoting mental health. On average, people require 8 hugs a day, but those hugs can be given by our hoodies. Think of it as a hug from a hoodie. Our clothing is embroidered with a loving message that can be worn by anyone and everyone. Our goal is to create a brand that meets your emotional and physical needs.






DISC Characteristics

  • Mild
  • Sociable
  • Consistent
  • Careful