Benjamin Lemaistre

About Me

My name is Benjamin Lemaistre and I am a senior at Kearns High School. I look forward to all that the CEO program has to offer. I hope to learn many skills involving business management and finance. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to improve my communication and networking habits. I have always challenged myself in school and will aim to do the same in this program. Along with the CEO program I am also a senior in the Academy of Finance at the GTI. Entrepreneurship has always interested me and I believe it is a strong symbol of freedom in business. I enjoy learning about business, foreign languages, and travel.

About My Business

NicheMaster Design

At NicheMaster Design, I hope to represent underrepresented niche interests while also providing affordable and accessible merchandise. Have you ever had a hobby where there is little merchandise to show it off? Well with requests from the community, I can design shirts that will give people a cool way of showing off their interests. Designing shirts so you can be you, and not have to pay too much either!






DISC Characteristics

  • Responsible
  • Reserved
  • Predictable
  • Perfectionist